2018 // Mamma Soup B.V

The thinking HUT



The Thinking Hut

The Thinking hut, is the new and hip co-working space in Amsterdam. It was born under the premise of sharing the knowledge of the community, and of course required a new identity according. Their approach of the co-working space idea, based in sharing, community, energy flow and creativity dug fast in our heads.
Mixing the Amsterdam “X” with the variety of profiles and international variety depicted by a rich and vibrant colour palette, the identity started to take form. But we were looking for something more than a simple logo. We designed the identity as a system with elements you can play with, so we can adapt to different media
and uses always keeping the look and feel and the spirit of the brand. The website, a reflection of the brand spirit, unites all the content in one big scroll down page, as the brand, all the subjects are sharing the same space. Being community, a key element on the foundation of a co-working space like The Thinking Hut, we prioritised the Social Media streaming as opening content, galleries, prices and google maps unfold from it, and an access to the already Thinkers profiles and their ongoing projects, under the same sharing and different profiles aesthetics we developed for the logo.