2018 // Mamma Soup B.V

"There is no way to happiness,

happiness is the way"

Satorisan, a footwear company based in Spain, asked us to develop from scratch their new brand strategy

and the creative approach for the Spring-Summer 13 collection. It's great to work for a small company like this, passion and energy-driven and with pretty cool shoes.

The new brand strategy included an overhaul refreshment of the brand, adapting the identity and visual language

to the new goals and take the brand spirit into the internationalisation journey. 

As part of the campaign the Satorisan need to take the new brand site www.satorisan.com,

an integrated campaign & e-commerce site as their key channels,



harmony and understanding, 

a self development journey seen by the eyes of the Satori

As part of their brand strategy we had to communicate on this Spring-Summer 13 Campaign some of the singular features of the brand. Not only showing how the products look but trying to show the personality of the brand and its unique point of view.

19th day

07:11pm - 53.672 steps

An experience becomes epic, when nobody is leading and nobody is following


In order to create a brand visual language,

we reworked all the identity elements,

developing handmade typographies

to bring spontaneity on the mix,  

we developed a palette scheme based on

the brand sole trademark colour,

and created a tone of voice according

that embraced the brand philosphy.

We activated the Satori Vision.

The main challenge was to follow

the principles of the brand,

seeing things differently with

a unique point of view and reflect this

in an e-shop experience.

“A Hybrid experience

between a brand and it's e-shop

We picked Magento as the main structure of the e-shop, but from the beginning we tried

(and I think we made it) to create a different experience. The main structure of Magento was modified

to fit into our interface, keeping it simple and highly visual and usable.

We tried to create a e-shop experience that works in different environments (tablet, mobile & desktop)

with a similar interactive approach, part of the key approach was to think an 'hibrid flow' where the consumer could jump with no interruption from the brand content and messages, to the e-com product and shopping action, reinforced with a randomise flow of content in between zones.

“Life is this mysterious thing that we all experience but nobody knows where it is going to.  Some teach you that it is about being the best, the most, the only one. About enjoy the moment no matter what because there is nothing afterwards.

And they are almost right. 

Others say it is about being yourself, know yourself, accept yourself, be the best, the most, and the only yourself.

And find your dream. And they are almost right too.


You, you, you. The centre of your life. Have you thought that life itself is empty if there is nobody else but you?

The things that cross your life, this small moments of stupid joy, this no-es and yes-es you. This "I hate you", this "I love you". The random people and things that everyday make your life complete. your present is just you and them.

Now. And it is perfect. 


Sure will be downs and ups, rights and lefts. but there will be also curiosity, learning, experiencing,  discovering, intuition...

The spicy addiction of life! Maybe life it is about being complete because everybody else is creating your own yourself. We did think about it, and life by it.

Togetherness, we walk you.”

The legend says that the Satori,

can see your inner self,

and will act according to what he sees. Our characters unveiled personalities

are rich, nature inspired, and beyond the human world, they have no boundaires.