2018 // Mamma Soup B.V

A musical festival with a Denim Twist.

To create the ‘next’ music based Print campaign for Hilfiger Denim,

we decided not to make a printed campaign, neither use music as inspiration.

Hearing what our consumer insights were screaming, instead we decide that: Better than look like music, is to be music. 

Create a fashion campaign not based on print but on real live experiences could sound challenging when fashion is so dependant on looks and models, though youth target were demanding a closer language, a bolder connection, something they could be reflected within. They key element to make this campaign sucessful was thinking that if it looks like advertisign we are doing it wrong. Why don't challenge the industry? At the end is just fashion and Rock, and Rock is about kicking and living, not about posing. 


Music Bands


Hours of Music

+6.5 Million



Unique Experiences


How to create a new Denim language

for a Brand

and connect to the European youth.

Better than

look like music

is to be music.

 Lining up young talented American bands like The Virgins, The Films or Matt & Kim, into a european tour, and creating the

‘Hilfiger Denim Live’ tour.

Bringing together more than 65 bands in 4 years, and reaching a brand experience that customers had never seen or feel before. Hilfiger Denim reached more than 6 Million potential customers, and more important, let enjoy and build a personal link with the brand to more than 40K customers, repositioning the brand as a cutting-edge pro-music spirit.

First branded content

Mobile Streaming

Rock concert in Europe.

It didn’t end on the experience, what if we take the rock concert to your phone?

Creating a dynamic web based platform we linked the band tours as well as all the brand fashion content in a seamless flow. Where Hilfiger Denim Live experience went even further, as Berlin concert was broadcasted in real time streaming, followers can see the event from their phone or tablet in real time.


And when there are no concert available, you can go on with the experience

through a full video gallery with more than 50 bands playing exclusive concerts.


Thanks to a navigation architecture that connects all the sections together through some self-generated

content in each section that triggered the curiosity about another Hilfiger Denim

areas customers were even able to buy while seeing The Virgins concert.

Owning the Denim nights

‘Hilfiger denim live’ was a game changer for Denim Brands,

using real customer experiences and lifestyle insights as messages.

Taking not only the music festival based aesthetics,

but support each venue with special actions in every one of the 21 european capitals it was hosted in.

Punk-alike wild-postering on the streets, building projections, light graffiti,

spectaculars, street staging, special windows, a real merging of brand and musical experience.

Amsterdam, London,

Paris, Milano, Barcelona,

Berlin, Rotterdam, Madrid...

16.000 Km,

400.000 Watts of light,

22 Venues,

128 Bands,

250 Hrs of Music,

1 Brand.

If it ain't for Rock,

I would never

had been in fashion

Tommy Hilfiger —
Fashion Icon