2018 // Mamma Soup B.V

Bringing luxury Real Estate to the next century.

How many houses can you visit

before finding your next home?

What seems like an obvious question, that in fact the majority of house-buyers make themselves sooner or later, was the triggering of a game changer communication. In the early 2010s Spanish real state market was static, in crisis and saturated with commercials and print advertisings, a overwhelming amount of information that try to get sales by pushing price and an excess of superlatives and fancy adjectives, but…

What if we can actually make the user benefit from their actions in their way of finding a new house

at the same time that we show a luxury perception via service?


Connect the app with the NFC mats and signages on the street grant you access to the selected apartment virtually. Let's start your visit!

Time for the personal touch, if you like the place, a real state agent will contact you within the same app, connecting your agenda to the visit, and setting up the appointment. Why to loose time?

Phygital visit

The 360 degrees virtual visit let you navigate without interruptions along the house taking a look to the details and experiencing the house finesse from the street.

In order to make your decision easier you get access to all the information data bases, from price and technical specs, to a downloadable layout map to get a better idea of the possibilities.

Archiving the house and looking for similar options in the neighbourhood gets easier using a map powered by Artificial Intelligence that learns from your latest choices.






Create a simple

and human centric experience that

will improve

the Real Estate ecosystem

Post-crisis real-state market was in an over saturated time,

and the luxury segment was not different. Analysing the methodology used in the sector seemed that instead of trying to clarify the current situation, the real-state agencies were taking the potential new owners into overcomplicated journeys, saturated by traditional filters and unnecessary appointments that end up generating stress on the decision makers.

We decided to make the process special and personal, challenge the visit routines that end up being perceived almost like a challenge, and influence not only the buying outcome but as well the client mood. We decided is time to take the real-state methods upside down.

this Virtual Agent helped not only Real Estate industry to think out of the 9 to 5's

and commissions boxes, it make them understand the lifestyle needs of the new owners

Experiences that satisfy the costumer needs are the ones that change the industry upside down, 

Real Estate has deepen into create experiences that are only focused on the agents, forgetting the key element on the transaction, for the firsts it is just a commission, for the seconds it is  new life. How much have the consumer waited to get an experience that place the industry on their hands?

Visiting the house of your dreams should not depend on anybody else than you. 

“A new, simpler and more effective way

of understanding the Real Estate industry

—with all the freedom on the buyer side