2018 // Mamma Soup B.V

Puma Valentine's Run

For runners,

love can only be expressed in one way, running

Runners are different. We are made of other material.
We express ourselves on the track or the streets and the pace is our own language.
Let’s celebrate the Valentine’s day with our partners in the 'most runner' way possible. Sending the most daring present a runner can get. Your own track with your own words.

We build a brand human experience, where we connect our costumer actions not only with their philosophy but also with their dreams and beloved ones. Using Artificial Intelligence analysis to build a stunning solution.


An AI digital experience

for runners that makes your

love declaration 

a running path

in the city.

That is runner love!

The app ask you to fill in some data like: city distance, level, average speed and the most important thing. Your Love message. The App, generates your sentence over the city map, creating your love track.

You send your love declaration to your love’s phone.

The application guides you with a voice over so you can run according to your settings and creating the message over the city.

I Love you,

happy valentines day!

Means exactly 42Km of Love

The application guides you with a voice over so you can run according to your settings and creating the message over the city. Of course, you will get several options, that you can adjust slightly, you can even indicate your partner address to end at their door. 

How it works?

It is as simple as go for a run, you just need to feed some preferences such as your runner level , the distance you are more comfortable with, the level of effort and enable your geolocation. Then the most important thing. Your love message and who it is address to.   


The Artificial Intelligence system thanks to its smart reading maps ability generates your sentence over the city map, creating your love message as a track to run fitted to your level.


When you are happy with the challenge, the system will send your love declaration to your love’s phone.

Interactive AI love run

I love you more than...

Your couple, receives a push message to connect to the app accessible though virtual web.


There they can follow the progress, and send some support, via instant voice messages.

The map reveals the route step by step, highlighting the goal, so you can meet there on time. 

You can share your progress, declaration on the facebook Puma Social Site,

and also ask there for the application


Love letters


Kilometres run



Interactive AI love run

“Runners are fundamentally different,

they are people eager for a 4:00 am run,

they travel continents to run 42km,

they try to connect the same point

using the hardest distance.

—They, just can not say I love you

as anybody else do.  

Puma Valentine’s Run was a nasty

and lovely activation, better than a card 

with plain words is 

to mean a feeling that moves the world. Run!