2018 // Mamma Soup B.V

I am as beautiful as I am
as beautiful as I can be

Defining the canon of beauty has been a tough subject of debate since the beginning of modern civilization. More than ever, we need to challenge the social aesthetic ambivalence. Let's hail for diversity, for personality, for differences. Is the morning of a new era, were we are all beautiful, not in the inside or the outside, but as an all.

you are such

a marvelous creature


Redefine the new beauty canon in a society that embraces new dimensions and values should be a brand effort. To empower, to channel, to be the speaker for the new generations while building a bridge among individuals and own 'perfections' should be one of the key messages that fashion should aim out loud for.

hello beautiful is

about diversity,

positiveness, beauty

and complimenting

each other”.

Beauty is not about the outlook,

neither about your inner-look,

it is about a relationship

You and the World,

and how you see yourself

being part of it

making a city a better place is as easy as making their individuals a bit happier every day,

why not help them with positive messaging?”

“a campaign portraying unconstrained

and everyday beauty”

“I am as beautiful as I am as beautiful as I can be”