2018 // Mamma Soup B.V



FNAC – Pro Evolution Soccer

The football is going to change, because now it isn’t just a game.

Fnac, the culture international store, planned to celebrate the first Pro Evolution Soccer World Cup Tournament through out all it’s stores. Taking the football philosophy and we mixing it with the 1 vs 1 videogame spirit we realized the game will become a fight, like a boxing night event, and there will be friends no more. Football techniques mixed with boxing individuality embraces the tournament experience.

The microsite developed to follow the event not

only tracks your development through the tournament creating a social interaction, but generates a user content flow and captures the spirit of the tournament worldwide. The experience is mainly focused in the user experience and creating socialmedia based content. Allowing to follow users, check top tournament goals, a full range of stadistics of the tournament and by players, tournament standings, sending IM personal challenges to other users, become a supporter of any team…

To support the event, we create a viral action, where a striker like the ones in the big games run through the store.