theo & louie

Inspired by iconic Thelma & Louie, a men un-selfing story.

a road-movie fashion film

How might be the real stories that the Hollywood 'fake' reality sale us as authentic? Where the icons come from? How do we know if we are originals? Road-movies are not about the destination, almost neither about the road. Are about the internal journey, about pushing ourselves into the next extra mille, into own our road.


The pursue of freedom and happiness may not be as idilic as movies show us on cinema. Let's create a real story about self discovering, let's tell create the 'real' story from a 'fake' story. All may know Thelma & Louise, the two archetype women running away from their lives and society pre-definitions, But few know Theo & Louie, the two European men, who had their own road movie to the beach to pursue their intimate freedom.


Iconic International 
Kaltblut Magazine! 
premieres our road film 
Theo & Louie 
about fake becoming authentic".

A road movie about self discovery is about questioning oneself to be able to make the choices that make you grow, loosing parts

of what you take for granted, unlearning.


A process where society impose codes

and subjects upon people, and expect them

to be unique. An escape inspired on

Thelma & Louie American movie, without

the better up sugar-coated elements.


Raw, tense emotions on a journey played by narrative rhythms. Mirroring your 

discoveries with those of our three characters.

Getting rid

of the things that

are not you,
let you become

who you truly are.

Cars on a highway, 

trucks passing.

Alarm, anxiety, life, pill, anxiety, pill, life.

Yes but no,

no but yes. 

A fashionable

and hectic visual poem.
Mixing visuals,

words and sound 

to create

a rollercoaster

of emotions


detachment, kilometers, relief, freedom,

dreams, clarity,


A strong 

fashion statement

about men

becoming man,

and man

becoming men