In 2015, deBijenkorf: Benelux fashion-retail leader asked for a digital based campaign for their Fall-Winter September New season launch. An International Omnichannel campaign fully integrated and with the edge their brand deserves.

More than 20 different models, create this strong visuals that covered the country most successful department store taking The Netherlands and Belgium fashion digital arena by storm, reaching more than 250.000 downloads in their apps, and marking the personal deBijenkorf September Issue.


There is no fashion that can fit everybody, but everybody has it's own fashion and style, is call personality”

Fashion has by definition

an all-determining influence

on our identity.

Rightly deBijenkorf wants

to celebrate this in this way. 

Express your individuality

spread your personality.

We work on an editorial oriented story where the truth behind the fashionable characters prevail over the garments, challenging the standard approach of retailers and their product first philosophy.

The key of the campaign was to use a mixture of personal belongings and ultimate styles creating a personal trend emphasis that defines each individual personality, capturing the essence of their personas.

“It's a sum of what you think, how you feel, how you act and the world you see,

—there is no uniqueness

without intense personality”


More than 300 assets to capture the essence of what it means

to be different,

to be unique,

to be yourself”