consiousness is not a trend,

is an action and a way of living. 

To have the courage of recognise the biggest issue of the industry you are worldwide recognised for, and to make something to change it for better, is something only a few can try, and less few effectively do it with astounding results.

As the Fall Winter campaign we help the Benelux leader department store deBijenkorf to launch a fashion conscious message, full of positiveness, fashion looks, not only with words by with actions, enable a tool to make the recycling less challenging and at the same time helping about excessive fashionista habits.


As a fashion company and as leader department store in Benelux, deBijenkorf was aware of one of the biggest issues that fashion has bringing in the last years due to a fast fashion industry and 'use & throw' garments. It is time to do something about it. 

Netherlands throws 145 million kilos

of clothes as

residual waste every year”

fashion exchange

enables users to not only be aware of the fashion overbuying issue, but to do something about it”.

Beauty is not about the outlook, neither about your inner-look, 

it is about a relationship You and the World, and how you see yourself being part of it”

“we help reciclying more than

3 tons of un-used clothes,

and help create more than

20.000 conscious wardrobes”

making a city a better place is as easy as making their individuals a bit happier every day,

why not help them with positive messaging?”

How do you want next generations

to understand fashion? 

“Every year in the Netherlands

we throw an average of 145 million kilos of clothing

with the residual waste. 

After this it is burnt or ends up

on the rubbish dump,

while the production of cotton

costs a lot of water and energy.

That is why we need to be smarter with our wardrobe

by recycling clothing and making more efficient choices”

“World can change, if we all help to make the change”