To launch the new young lingerie line,  Tommy Hilfiger asked for a campaign with a twist and that captures the product and the emotions around it in a astounding manner. Taking love is real as our key insight, we understand it as not an idealistic action, but a real and approachable situation, something you feel, something that drives your day, and under which every single secret game become a joy experience. in order to capture a real love narrative, and teaming up with photographer Josh Ohlins, we avoid the typical product shots that can remind to a pre-made story, and focused in the most important element that we need to build love. The people.

We create an omni-channel modern love story, that is made to be shown. 


Valentine's day

is a time to feel love.

The textures, moments, emotions, and playfulness of love."

A Valentine's ode, to real love. Shared love. Playful love.

Love is passion, being sexy,

be lost in time with your other.

When you try to describe love, what comes are a successive everyday moments, details of simplicity, that fill up your routine. Love is more than words, it is actions. We capture that moments, that in between routines, that slices of you,

of them, of love. And capture the passion of what is be in love.



When trying to describe love,

what comes up

are successive everyday moments, details of simplicity, that fill up

your routine.


is more

than words,

is actions.”

Show your love to others, social V' card

The campaign was created not only as a video campaign, but as an experience, a narrative that can strongly be adapted and implemented into every touching point. We create not only newspapers that were given on the street and in specific love places. We activate social media through in-store corners and in-store areas where you can develop and send a personalised video card to your beloved, using social media channels, edited within our video,

we connected love, emotions and  product on a campaign that connected with the consumer on & off.