Art should be something that liberates your soul, provokes the imagination and encourages people to go further.

deBijenkorf She Story is a campaign that takes an inspirational trip to make a time to celebrate the feminine power, because women inspire the world. And they inspire us. A campaign that rebuilds femininity visually from an honest and global view. For all ages, capturing the world that women influences and help to grow. Capturing the two sides that make women great, their personality, closeness, heartfelt and the fashion moment of spontaneity and strength, that make them shine. 

If I only made paintings in a gallery I would probably be frustrated”


It is beyond put patterns over sneakers,

is merging

the details,

the textures

the hand vibe,

the spontaneity, the street-style,

the colour intensity

in a walking piece of art.


It is time, not to create just a shoe collection

create an experience that brings Keith Haring alive again, you have to feel that this would have happen, and that you are part of it. 

You have to feel the combination of

art and sneakers as a whole.

Art celebrates humanity"


like walking in a time machine, we recreated the iconic Haring's pop-up store, popping up in the most exclusive places along Europe, hand painting all the surfaces, playing with mirrors and shapes, creating an environment, that defined the collection and the brand, the iconic spirits in a heart taking experience. 


Keith Haring x Tommy experience showed an uncommon attention to the minimum details, for which the experience got next level creating a strong consumer connection, the invitations for every venue opening, see people all around the world receiving spray cans and a stencil, that they have to execute in order to gain access. 

"create a collection

inspired by two of the most iconic American styles,

drove us to think

why their boldness

inspired society”

Haring's style may look at first sight rather basic, but has an amazing level of detail, the textures, the playfulness, the usage of space and colour, the spontaneity, bringing it together into the product, the packaging, and the experience was a lovely and globally recognised brand success with more than 300.000 pieces sold globally.