2018 // Mamma Soup B.V


Our Clients

our philosophy

We believe in challenging

the advertising industry status quo.
By creating friendly, beautiful and inspiring messages that help 
lifestyle brands to reach their consumer’s highest order

and profound need. 
We just happen to make 
human experiences.

On a mission

Our work is to help making brands innovative and become the best-loved companies in the world.

Our approach

We design communications and create experiences. With Creative Intelligence as a base, creating brands full of empathy, emotions and honesty, asking questions are the answer.

Listening and act ensure customer centric impact. We are modest and mighty. We are a team of energisers and we commit to the end. See for yourself in our work and recognition.


Strategic Branding

As partner of your brand we help with all business aspects that are directly connected to consumer needs, emotions, and competitive environments. From personas to insights, that will change the world. 



We are really proud of being an innovative agency that understands that your brand sometimes does not need an agency. But still needs the knowledge, we share, and help your teams to develop the skills needed to take the next steps by yourself.

Tailored made sessions that empower your Brand from within.  We work on #Branding #innovation #digital adoption and #Brand explorations



Implementing seamless processes with your teams that activates the brand internal development, and taking the brand into the consumer reality. Making it happen through Brand Identity, Campaigns, Overhauling , Digital adoption, digital product, Experiences...

Who cooks?

Mamma Soup team members has been international recognised by industry most known awards, but would be nothing without the personal approach, these are the people that will make soup with you. 

Regina Sepp

Visuals & Production

She will make it happen, and make it look good, like a movie good. She likes all kinds of music

Pepe Villaverde

Creative Director & Brand specialist

Alma matter of Mamma Soup.

He will think and ask, wonder and ask, and then... He likes coffee, real coffee, bold intense coffee.

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Branding Intern

Smiles and brand at heart, she is bringing Mamma Soup social channels alive while gen-z'ing our brands. 

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Milly Roy

Head of Marketing & Biz Development

She loves to ask, and will guide your brand and your thoughts to new places. She loves chocolate.

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Let's make soup!